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Embrace romantic chic with Maje’s reinterpretations of the 1980s’ iconic evening looks Inspired by the late 1980s, Maje’s new capsule collection reinterprets some of this era’s iconic evening looks. Romantic, chic and uniquely-styled short and long dresses, an ultra-slim little black dress with tasteful jeweled details, a long-sleeved glitter short playsuit that dazzles

Amidst all that we love about New York’s Lower East Side grit, next to the Essex Street market is the seductive glamour of the prohibition era inspired Beauty and Essex. Walking in from the street you are first welcomed into a Pawn Shop where you can buy all kinds of

Become a “Belle de Nuit”– a Beauty of the Night– with Claudie Pierlot’s Evening Glory capsule collection Claudie Pierlot completely reinvents the all-black look to celebrate the heat of the night, stirring up its simple elegance with a bronzed yellow to borrow from the light or we set off the

Usher in the New Year with feasts and fêtes at the 1-Group’s iconic venues in Singapore It’s a race to the finish line as 1-Group closes 2017 with yet another medley of outstanding celebratory dinners on Sunday, 31 December 2017. Expect high-energy rambles against a sky of exploding pyrotechnics at


The fact that we all want to be successful in one way or another is inspiring to me. There are many meanings, definitions and concepts of what the word “success” is. I personally always asked myself:

“What is our purpose in life and how to succeed in finding it?”

A while ago I made a decision to feel successful, unconditionally. At that time I wasn’t sure what that meant, and now, knowing the answer I understand that it is much simpler that I could ever imagine. The main reason why we want what we want, is simply to feel good.

My first step was to stop focusing on what friends, family, colleagues or other people were telling I needed to succeed.  Of course, they mean well and their opinion is very important, but trust me, not as much as my opinion about myself. I simply began to focus on what I wanted and all that made me feel good.

“The better I felt, the more wonderful life experiences I attracted around me”

Great things started to come into my life with ease. The better I felt, the more wonderful life experiences I attracted to me. I gained confidence in myself, my career and my life. The things started working out amazingly for me – even better than I had anticipated. My time at work became more productive and I began achieving better results whereas previously I had been so stressed and pressured. I realized that stress was all in my head and unnecessarily. Seeing tangible results, only the habits that felt good and easy became my habits.

You are probably thinking to succeed you have to work hard. Simply, it’s not the case.  Just by appreciating what I have I literally started to get all I wanted. All my personal and professional relationships flourished. My clients constantly show me their appreciation for my work. I now travel a great deal for pleasure and it somehow combines perfectly with my professional path. Freedom, growth and joy became my choice of career, my purpose in life.

There is nothing more important to me than to feel good and by feeling good I harmonize with a happy and successful life. I discovered a tremendous power in me, a power that now I am able to see in everyone else. I feel fulfilled with an unlimited potential and knowledge of what I want and how to experience it. Skills are just conditions that can be learned and now I only feel abundance of time, possibilities and well-being. Since everything is perceptual, there is just me and my choice to believe in what I want – there is no right or wrong.

Like one of my favorite authors said: “Not money is the path to your happiness but happiness is the means to your money, and I will add; for sure to anything you want.” – Abraham Hicks.

Ask and it’s given” by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Author: Armand Alvarez

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