How Tammiann

How Tammiann

Digital Content Manager of The Hedonist Magazine

Timeless luxury can be anything that your heart desires, as long as there is quality and thought behind each choice one makes. We are often familiar with a certain notion of luxury that is associated with status and wealth – the power of feeling like a million bucks that comes

Luxury lies not only in the taste, but also in the ambience, history and quality that makes a Hungarian dessert experience so magical History plays a significant part in helping to understand one’s past experiences, appreciate the present and be hopeful for the future. This cannot be illustrated better than

Marble is noble, natural and not man made – each and every one of us would like to have a piece of nature in our home Since the time of ancient Greece, marble has been a premier medium for artistic expression and design. Throughout history, the industry has seen a

A home away from home with a draw of exclusivity in the beating heart of Budapest Budapest is not only known for its spectacular views of Buda Hills or relaxing thermal baths, but also the choice destination for many tourists and expats alike. However, one can be easily overwhelmed by

Feeling like royalty is certainly an understatement when it comes to staying in Hotel Palazzo Zichy An establishment synonymous with luxury and history is none other than Hotel Palazzo Zichy, where its rich historical background among a charming neighborhood in Budapest is the object of dreams, and the perfect getaway

The beauty of Magnolia Day Spa lies in its intimate space, exceptional service, and luxurious treatments While Budapest is well-known for its larger-than-life grand thermal baths, there is nothing quite like the intimate Magnolia Day Spa to fulfil all your hedonistic spa needs. Located a stone’s throw away from the

Cowshed Spa is a hedonistic wonderland for those craving an immaculate wellness experience like never before Nestled in the basement of  the exclusive hotel Soho House Berlin beneath a spiral staircase lies Cowshed Spa, a cosy enclave for those seeking the ultimate luxurious pampering session. Cowshed Spa, consisting of Cowshed Relax

The perfect combination of cocktails, vitality and class Step into a world where the old meets the new in Dry Martini Bar, and where the quintessence of luxury goes beyond expectations. Every evening, guests from all over the world would visit the bar in downtown Barcelona, ready to be wowed

The perfect urban oasis to spend summer evenings in the city In Spain, there is a common saying that anything can be done ‘mañana, mañana’ (Spanish for later). While that is a reflection of the laidback and relaxed Spanish culture that other nationalities can only envy, if there is one

The perfect place to start your hedonistic evening in Berlin Berlin has got to be one of the most hedonistic cities in the world to experience – and AMANO Bar is definitely kicking the hedonistic level up a couple notches with its perfect culmination of pleasures. Upon stepping into the