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Olga Martinova

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Last week a Soho House in Barcelona inaugurated its secret club within a club: speakeasy called The Green Room. To fully understand the concept of this private club you need to transport yourself into the infamous 20s of New York or England.  Watch “Boardwalk Empire” or “Peaky Blinders” for inspiration,

Sasha is not just a bar, it’s someone’s dream coming true and you get to be a part of it.   The first thing that attracted me to “Sasha” bar was its name, there was something intriguing about it, the sound of “sh” in there gave it a character and

I see red chairs with the round tables from afar –  a terrace, which one cannot resist the temptation of stopping by for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. It looks so perfectly elegant under the dark red awning. I love coming to Café Turo for its

“Feel free to lose yourself” is my understanding of “Azul Tierra” if you ask me.  This is what I feel every time I enter this shop, which sells furniture, household inventory, antique style accessories and the most unique and luxurious candles by Cire Trudon – the oldest Candlemaker in the

“What is it you want to do in life?” asked the Marquis. “I want to enjoy myself and follow the smell of vanilla that leads to huge layered cake. I want my friends and I to jump into it and eat from the inside out, biting into the crunchy millefeuilles,

After i’ve read “Perfume” by Patrick Süskind I never looked at the bottle of perfume the same way again or the scent of it, in random or purposefully, left me rejuvenated.. This is why when a couple of months ago I noticed the shop “Jantvari” on a narrow street next

You don’t need to read Kafka to love it, by which I mean “Café Kafka” a restaurant in the center of El Born district in Barcelona. I have discovered this place seven years ago and since then I’ve been going there regularly.  Why? Because this place is like love –

B Cafe Barcelona - The Hedonist Magazine

In the middle of the busiest street in Barcelona, I discovered a gem, an oasis, a hidden treasure – “B Café”. It’s a special place because one can only find out about it by sheer chance. The coffee place was created out of the space of the inner yard of