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The Black Swan combines sophistication with culinary artistry – truly a treat for the senses Partying like Gatsby has never been easier at The Black Swan in cosmopolitan Singapore – among the whisperings, champagne and the stars. Winner of Singapore Tatler’s Best New Restaurant 2014, Weekender’s Foodmania Awards 2017 and

Hamilton Conte’s latest furniture pieces bring together rounds and structured forms in an elegant manner, whilst adding comfort and luxury High end furniture and accesory brand, Hamilton Conte, unveiled its most recent design pieces, which are a continuation from their earlier presentations in Paris and Milan. With the addition of

It’s an absolute must to start an introduction to P.S. Kitchen plant-based restaurant with their concept: “All profits are donated to charity”. It is a satisfying feeling to dine knowing that you are also participating in something good, especially in such a fancy and business thriving city like New York.

Celebration of the finest contemporary African cuisine with Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve in residency at High Timber Restaurant   Successful relationships must be celebrated and on Wednesday, October 25th, The Hedonist Magazine had an opportunity to celebrate an amazing international gourmet partnership between two truly unique places – luxury Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve based


Timeless luxury can be anything that your heart desires, as long as there is quality and thought behind each choice one makes.

We are often familiar with a certain notion of luxury that is associated with status and wealth – the power of feeling like a million bucks that comes from an experience or using a limited edition product. However, as the world progresses, the notion of luxury transforms as well. Enter the notion of timeless luxury – a form of classic luxury all-enduring and keeps us mindful towards living more fulfilling lives. While it seems more abstract and, by extension, harder to understand and attain, here are some key mindful tips to stay in tune with life’s timeless luxuries:

Timeless luxury design can be anything you want it to be – as long as it is done with quality details and thoughtful choices

When we think of luxury, we think of something we usually see off the cover of a top-tier fashion magazine, or from the words of a classic renowned designer. I would like to contest that belief; Luxury is not something that is ‘tried and tested’, neither is it to be dictated. Timeless luxury can be anything that your heart desires, as long as there is quality and thought behind each choice one makes. Whether it is creating the perfect dinner fashion look, or creating a blueprint for your next interior design project of your first home, quality is what triumphs, and style naturally follows.

Timeless luxury is not predetermined by trends, but by your own personal preferences and feelings

Luxury is not to be emulated or copied meaninglessly – personal choices and one’s own style are to be taken in consideration as well. Luxury cannot be truly enjoyed if it does not reflect oneself in an honest way. In the world of fast fashion, for example, we are often too distracted by the dizzying displays of the latest season’s line, that we have forgotten to look inside and determine what it is we are comfortable with.

Time, one of life’s timeless luxuries

Going back to the fundamentals, luxury is all about having oneself feel not only physically a million bucks, but emotionally rich as well. This cannot be fully felt unless one has the luxury of time to enjoy small pleasures. In a long and winding journey called Life, we are often pushed and pulled in different directions with various commitments. What happened to just living in the moment? Sometimes, all we need is a breather to enjoy what life has to offer – even the smallest of things like feeling the cool sea breeze, enjoying a home-cooked meal or laughing with your loved ones. Over everything, treasure Time.


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The re-branded, re-energised Dunstane House combines understated luxury accommodation with an inviting all-day restaurant and stylish cocktail bar, a first-of-its kind for Edinburgh The Dunstane Houses proudly unveiled the new look of Dunstane House, a 16-room William Playfair-inspired Victorian town house in Edinburgh’s elegant West End. Following a six-month, million-pound

A pioneering wildlife lodge opens in Sri Lanka’s southeast coast on the fringes of the renowned Yala National Park The Sri Lankan family behind Dilmah Tea and the Resplendent Ceylon collection reveals Wild Coast Tented Lodge. Situated along a pristine beach on the fringes of the renowned Yala National Park, the lodge combines the comforts of a luxury hotel with the

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Step into your Parisian fairytale with Hotel Du Petit Moulin & 4 Roues Sous Un Parapluie As day turns to night, the City of Lights comes alive with a new energy. What better way to discover the magic of Paris after dark than from the bouncy comfort of a vintage

Maserati releases a preview of the brand new Ghibli GranLusso Maserati releases today the first images of the new Ghibli GranLusso version, which is restyled and enriched with additional high-tech features. The new Ghibli GranLusso, as shown in the first images revealed by Maserati today, will made its debut at

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With Highland Titles, the passion for conservation puts “noble” back in nobility  The concept of “nobility” often carried the concept of merit and social duty since a long time ago. “Lords” and “Ladies” were often expected to live by honorable behavior and uphold social responsibilities. Today, Highland Titles allows anyone


THE 3D-LOVE STORY OF THE CENTURY: HUMANITY MEETS SPACE Marc Gumpinger is the Artist of the Moment who will transcend his craft well into the Future by connecting the emotionally charged dots of the human soul with a scientifically enhanced laser-cut alike art technique that is both hypnotizing and besotting.


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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Private Island Imagine yourself laying on the sands of a virgin island, the sea breeze caressing your skin, and the mild sound of the waves bringing you the peaceful state of mind that your soul so much desires in your day to day –


Exclusive club creating tailored luxury travel experiences for discerning members Headquartered in Singapore, Afini promises a better way to travel. Derived from the word “affinity”, Afini is a luxury destination club that strives to create experiences for loved ones to share, to strengthen the connections between family and friends and